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DATE : 20 April & 30 April

Dear guest – Welcome to Georgia

 We welcome you to the unique country  in South Caucasus  to Sakartvelo , The Repuplic of Georgia , which is located  in the Middle East bettwen Europe and Asia. East of  Turkey , South of Russia and Nort of Armenia and West of Azerbajian.

Georgians always lived in this country and they call themselfs Kartvelians, people of the land of Kartli and their country Sakartvelo.

The language of the Georgians is called “kartuli” and is a unique language neither related to Indoeuropean languages, neither to Persian, Turkish or Russian, it’s unique and has 33 letters.

Hereby we send you our new travel offer for the tour Horseback riding in Vashlovani in 2019 for different group sizes. Your guide is included. The trip could start on 20 of April with the city tour Tbilisi or according to your best flight connections.


Arrival : Tbilisi – Georgia

Departure : Tbilisi – Georgia

Visa requirements

Georgia : enter without visa


 The Vashlovani National park is a national park located in the eastern part of Georgia and was established in 1935 to preserve its unique shallows forests. In April 2003 the Reserve’s area was expanded to 84.80 km and Vashlovani National Park (251.14 km ) was made. The area is characterized by its dry climate sitting only 150 -50 meters above sea level.

Vashlovani State Reserve is notable for its unique, bad –land – like areas of desert and semi-deserts stepe vegetation ann arid and deciduous forests. It’s also home to the great cliffs-of-the-canyons, known in the area as the “Sharp Walls”, and the magnificent Alazani flood plains and forests.

The National Park is famous for unique flora and fauna in the South Caucasus as the Striped Hyena, Griffon Vulture ,Caucasian Leopard, Lynx , Wild Boar, Gazelle, Levante viper and is home to many rare birds and plants.


 The famous Tush people from the mountain region in Tusheti miqrate with their sheep and cattle in November to their winter pastures in the lowlands of the Vashlovani region because here is very few or no snow and the life stock feeds easily from the salty grass and drinks the water the nearby Iori river. The shepherds also traditionally defended these lands against the migrating shepherds from Azarbaijani and Turkish tribes.


Arrival day : 20th  APRİL   Saturday

Transfer from the airport to your hotel

Overnight in Tbilisi Hotel 3*

 Day 1: 21 April Sunday

 The Amazing Georgian Capital Tbilisi

10.00 am City tour Tbilisi with English speaking guide.

Tbilisi is a wonderful lively city with almost 2 millionin habitants and very rich history that survived

Numerous invasions of Persians, Arabs, Mongolians, Turks, Russians that shaped the arctecture of this ancient city along the Silk Road . Today Tbilisi hosts lots of Museums, tasty restaurants and cafe and place for party and dance.

14.00 pm lunch in a typicaltrendy cafe. Free time in afternoon.

Overnight in Tbilisi Hotel 3*

Breakfast –  Lunch

Day 2 : 22 April Monday

To Kakheti and in the Steppes of Vashlovani

9.00 am start from the hotel. Transfer Tbilisi – Kasristshali with short breaks km 185 via Sighnaghi and Dedoplistskaro to Kasristskali. We drive to the East across the colorful wine region Kakheti and reach the Steppe region of Vashlovani in the afternoon. You pick your horse and check all the gear and we have some horse back riding in the afternoon.

Overnight in Kasristkali local homestays

Breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 3 : 23 April Tuesday

Horse ride and in the Steppes of Vashlovani

9.00 pm after the tasty breakfast we break with full gallop into the wide hills over fields, meadows and littleswamps and huge rolling hills in ever changing landscapes. You cross the fields of Georgian and Azerbaijianian farmers, seelots of cattle, horses and huge guarding dogs the highest hill in this part is the Black Mountain (Shavi Mta ) that is surrounded by forests and habitat of rare flovers. Here is the rangerstation Black Mountain where we stay in a camp.

Distance: Kasristkali- Shavi Mta- Kaklis Kure – Shavi Mta 35 km.

Overnight in Shavi Mta, Ranger station and tents.

Breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 4 : 24 April Wednesday

Horse ride Vashlovani- MijnisKure

9.00 as we go deeper into Vashlovani we enter the main etrance of the Vashlovani National Park.

Lush wild pistachio forests are the defining beautiful view with free roaming packs of grazing horses ,

Aridmountains in the backround and many rare birds as the blue European roller or the green- yellow Bee-eater. At a Georgian border police check point we show our permits and cross into the arid Juniper forests and ride in dry riverbeds and feel like in a Magic Forest.

As we get closer the Azerbaijanian border we reach the winding river Alazani that marks the border

Between the two countries. Here where few local fishermen catch big catfish is the ranger station

Mijnis Kure where we have a few cottages and a tent camp. Tonight we will have a little party with a campfire, barbeque and tasty Georgian food.

Distance : Shavimta – Minjis Kure- Alazaniriver 30 km

Overnight in Mijnis kure, bungalows of the National Park

Breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 5 : 25 April Thursday

Horse ride Minjis Kure – BugrasMoedani

11.00 the distance to the next ranger station Bugras Moedani is a bit shorter today. There for we can sleep a little bit longer and have a longer breakfast. In the afternoon the horses can first have a rest and in the late afternoon we will have a fierce. Caucasian horse race see in our competition who of us is the best rider and has the fastest horse.

Distance: Minjis Kure- BugrasMoedani 20 km

Overnight in Bugras Moedani , Ranger station and tents

Breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 6 : 26 April Friday

Horse ride BugrasMoedani – Vashlovani

9.00 today is the longest trip where we ride in to the Samukhiplain, where are located more than 50

Winter ranches of the local Tushetian shepherds on the rich grazing ground for thousands of Tushetiansheep , horses and cattle. We’ll have a break at one of the shepherds camp and try the special local food. The life of the shepherds is harsh, but beautiful too and is certainl very dirty and very romantic.

Distance : BugrasMoedani – Vashlovani 42 km

Overnight in Vashlovana , Ranger station and tents

Breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 7 :  27 April Saturday

Horse ride Vashlovani – EshmakisKhevi – Kasristskhali

9.00 again we gallop with our brave horses into the changing landscapes where we can meet the rare and fast gazelle “Jeirani” that were reintroduced 10 years ago with the help of the state of Azerbaijan. The Georgian biologists of the National Park hope, that with the reintroduction of the gazelle the Caucasian Leopard will return permanently, which was spotted already in 2007 and 2009 .

In the afternoon we reach the village Kasristshali, where we spend our last night in local guest houses.

Distance: Vashlovani – EshmakisKhevi- Kasristshali 30 km

Overnight in Kastristkali , local homestays

Breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 8 : 28 April Sunday

The Georgian city of love : Sighnaghi

On our way to Tbilisi we visit the little but beautiful “City of Love “ Sighnaghi and the nunmonastery of Bodbe, where Saint Nino is buried who brought Christianity in the 4th century from Syria to Georgia .

We’ll have a traditional wine tasting and enjoy the long history of traditional Georgian wine making.

Return to Tbilisi at 18.00

Overnight in Tbilisi Hotel 3*

Breakfast – lunch

Day 9: 29 April Monday

Transfer to the AirPort, departure


  • Travel planing, organization and execution
  • All transfers from/to airport
  • Professional English speaking travel guide
  • Overnight stay in double room in hotels, guesthouses and tents according to program
  • Cateringaccording to program
  • Comfortable 4×4 vehicle incl. Petrol
  • Riding horses , horsecare takers
  • Luggage transfer
  • 3 overnights in Tbilisi, Hotel 3*
  • 6 overnights at guesthouses and tents