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Date: 10-20 March 2019, 20-30 January, 10-20 February


The Bale Mountains of south central Ethiopia support the most extensive area of Afro alpine and sub alpine Ericaceous vegetation in Africa. They have the highest rate of animal endemicity of any terrestrial habitat in the world, which was the principal reason for the creation of the Bale Mountains National Park in 1970. Horse Riding Adventures in the Bale Mountains National Park is one of the best riding experiences where you will see the endemic wild animals like Ethiopian Wolves, Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck and many species of birds.


Arrive at Addis Ababa the political capital as well as the economic and social nerve center of Ethiopia and also the seat of the Africa Union (AU), the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), major Regional headquarter, more than 90 embassies and consulates.

Upon arrival at Bole International Airport you will be met and welcomed by our Tours representatives and then transfer to Golden Tulip or other similar Hotel, and after be completed the check in process an overview of the program and itinerary will be given then you will visit the National Museum of Ethiopia, Trinity Cathedral as well as Mount Entoto then drive back to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay. OVERNIGHT STAY AT GOLDEN TULIP OR OTHER SIMILAR HOTEL

National Museum: One of the best museums in Africa, which comprises of many archaeological and historical findings, including the famous complete hominid fossil remains of “Lucy” locally known as Dinknesh meaning “thou art wonderful”.

TRINITY CHURCH: The architecturally magnificent Trinity Church is the best cathedral church in Addis Ababa. Here visitors can also visit the final resting place of Emperor Haile Silassie I and his wife Empress Mennen.

Mount Entoto: It is the highest peak in Addis Ababa with an altitude of 3200 meter, and was the site for the first palace of Emperor Menelik II. Here one can see a small but fully displayed museum that shows articles of historical significance, denoted by members of royal family, foreign diplomats and individuals, as well as Saint Mary Church where Emperor Menelik II crowned as Emperor of Ethiopia in it and you will admire the panoramic view of the city with its surrounding forests and breathtaking air.  MEALS INCLUDED: LUNCH and DINNER


After breakfast in the hotel we take a six hour drive through the Ethiopian Great Rift Valley, scattered by lakes and volcanoes. Significant numbers of people live here and have marked the countryside: there are fields as far as the eye can see, numerous villages, and at all times, people walking in the road. At Shashemen we leave the main road to head off East, towards the Eastern Highlands of the Rift, and through driving we reach the heights of the Bale Plateau, which constitutes one of the greatest zones at high altitude in the country, and whose summits raise more than to 4000m. OVERNIGHT STAY AT BALE MOUNTAINS MOTEL . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER


After breakfast in the motel leave Dodola and resume driving towards Changiti forest edge, situated at 2400 meters above sea level and where we will setup for our long day horse riding adventure, all the way through forest admiring exotic birds’ sound and Colobus Monkeys dwelling from tree to tree. Continue riding across Tarura Plain ideal place for those who want to enjoy a gallop.

The Ethiopian horses are not used to the same signals as European horses; however, one can ride them and control them without any difficulty. Enroute we stop at Wahoro campsite and after a brief break the route takes us to Angafu via Tulu Tute located at 3,750 meters above sea level from where we are rewarded with an astounding view. In the afternoon, we take a short walk along the ridge to Delume. OVERNIGHT AT ANGAFU MOUNTAIN ECO HUT . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER

DAY 4: WEDNESDAY MARCH 13 2019: RIDE TO ADALE ~ 13 KM . . . 4 – 5 HRS Riding Time

After breakfast in the campsite; take five hours riding over high altitude (3000 and 3400 meters), where a forest dominated by huge African Junipers and spectacular Abyssinian Hagenias unfurl in full bloom in winter season. This is the domain of Warthogs and Baboons, Mountain Nyala, and a multitude of birds. OVERNIGHT AT ADALE MOUNTAIN ECO HUT . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER

 DAY 5: THURSDAY MARCH 14 2019: RIDE TO MOLOLCHO ~ 15 KM . . . 5 – 6 HRS Riding Time

After an early breakfast in the campsite, resume riding (5 – 6 hours) to Mololcho. We travel through dense primeval jungle to start with.  What may surprise you the most is that familiar species known to be shrubs in Europe grow to towering trees here. We leave the forest at around 3400m, onto the great afro alpine humid meadows, its undulating territory spiked with wild hyacinth, and everywhere you will see giant Lobelias looking oddly like palms. They grow at an altitude around 3100 to 4300 meters, can reach 2 or 3 meters in height, and are as perfectly adapted to the intense solar radiation as they are to the great fluctuations in temperature. This sometimes lunar landscape reminds us of the tundra with its cushions of lichen and its lava flows. A multitude of rodents’ species live here bonus for many kinds of predators; amongst other we find eagles, buzzards, falcons and the Abyssinian Wolves, the endangered canines species in the world. OVERNIGHT AT MOLOLCHO MOUNTAIN ECO HUT . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER

DAY 6: FRIDAY MARCH 15 2019: RIDE TO DURO ~ 17 KM . . . 6 – 7 HRS Riding Time

In the morning take a 7 hours horse riding through mainly Erica vegetation; Carpets of yellow flowers make the riding extremely attractive and there is a most impressive view at an altitude of 3350m. On your way to Duro we cross the Meribo River which flows all season long, and we walk the final meters to Meribo as the trails are not suitable for horses. The beauty of the camp can be glimpsed through the window of the hut at all times. In the late afternoon walk along the ridge and discover the scenery more and more. After dinner make a camp fire, meet the villagers and enjoy their traditional coffee ceremony. OVERNIGHT AT DURO MOUNTAIN ECO HUT . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER

DAY 7: SATURDAY MARCH 16 2019: RIDE TO MORBAWA ~ 23 KM . . . 8 HRS Riding Time

Today we have the longest riding day; 8 minimum hours to Morbawa sited at 3750 meters above sea level. This full day riding takes us through alternating heathers and vast plains on a relatively unchanging route on a plateau. After some 5 hours on horseback along which we may with some luck see the fawn colored Abyssinian Wolves, we encounter the Berenda ridge falling abruptly from an altitude of 3600m. After 5 hours we take a break at the Habera water fall before continuing to Morobawa. OVERNIGHT CAMPING AT MORBAWA . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER

DAY 8: SUNDAY MARCH 17 2019: RIDE TO SODOTA ~ 23 KM . . . 8 HRS Riding Time

Again we have another long riding day towards Sodota sited at 3500 meters above sea level admiring agricultural land along the edge of the park and passes through Web River, alongside an impressive gorge where Rock Hyraxes are often observed and it is the area where you can spot the endemic Ethiopian Wolves and of course different types of birds. OVERNIGHT CAMPING AT SODOTA . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER

DAY 9: MONDAY MARCH 18 2019: RIDE TOWARDS DINSHO ~ 22 KM . . . 8 HRS Riding Time

This morning we ride 8 hours to Dinsho: the Bale Mountain National Park head quarters. En route to the park we come across scattered forest dwellers houses, occupied by the Oromo ethnic group; the largest ethno – linguistic group in Ethiopia and you will see the plumes of many hearths rise from the huts. Along this way we don’t have any chance to spot any wild animals due to the settlement of the people around the park. However we do enjoy the breathtaking scenery and huge indigenous trees such as Hygenia Abyssinica and Juniper trees. OVERNIGHT AT DINSHO CAMPING . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER


We rise early in the morning to walk through Dinsho walking trail which leads through the Juniper forest to spot the endemic Mountain Nyala and Menelik’s Bushbuck, and then after breakfast you will meet the bus at the Dinsho then resume driving towards the rift valley lakes region admiring different types of landscapes; around lunch time you will arrive at Lake Langano Bilharzia free Rift Valley and safe for swimming. After check-in to Sabana Beach Resort and lunch break you will have free time to enjoy swimming in this lovely rift valley lake.  OVERNIGHT STAY AT SABANA BEACH RESORT . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER


After breakfast in the lodge resume driving back to Addis Ababa through the Great Rift Valley region exploring the rift valley lake of Ziway to see some interesting water birds; you will have lunch break at the town of Debre Zeit know for its crater lakes then resume driving back to Addis Ababa where you will visit Ethnological Museum of Ethiopia and Merkato.

Ethnological Museum: It is found in the main campus of Addis Ababa University by the Institute of Ethiopian Studies with the aim to preserve the country’s historical and cultural heritages. It has a complete collection that describes almost all tribal groups in Ethiopia. Here you will have an overview about the history, culture and tradition of Ethiopian people.

MERKATO: It is the largest open-air market in Africa where you will be presented with confusing but fascinating glimpse of the very vast range of goods and artifacts available from all parts of the country and you will enjoy the Ethiopian trade exchange tradition in the open air and you can purchase anything you need. After that you will have time for last minute shopping time as well as day use room service just for refreshment.

In the evening We will invite you a farewell dinner party in one of the Traditional Ethiopian Restaurants with the traditional music and dances from the different ethnic groups. Then sadly, it is time to leave this wonderful country, with its amazing history, wonderful cultures, friendly faces and stunning landscapes. You will no doubt be left with many fantastic impressions. Transfer to Bole International airport for your flight back to home. . . .  MEALS INCLUDED: BREAKFAST, LUNCH and FAREWELL DINNER


  • per person price is USD 3150.00
  • single room supplement charge is USD 160.00 additional for someone who needs to have a single room.

The following services are included in the price:

  • Accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary based on two persons sharing a twin bedded room.
  • Camping gears; tents, mattresses and cooking utensils for camping night. We have seven camping overnights using first class mobile tents, as well as clean common shower and toilet.
  • Meals on full board basis including cold salad or hot soup, dessert, hot drinks plus & bottled water.
  • All transfer and ground transportation according to the itinerary, using Toyota Minibus equipped with Air Conditioning, safety belts and comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • All entrance fees in each destination.
  • Professional English speaking tour guide who accompanying you throughout the trip.
  • Professional Chef who drives with you to prepare meals during the camping
  • Local Guide and scout fees in parks and villages.
  • Horse and horsemen for riding and to carry personal belongs.
  • Government taxes and service charges.

 The following services are not included in the price:

  • International flights with their embarkation fees.
  • Camera and Video charges if and where applicable.
  • Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Individual services apart from the group.
  • Other expenses of personal nature like telephone calls and laundry.
  • Customary gratuity.


  1. Long sleeved shirts for sun protection and warmth.
  2. Short sleeves shirts or T-shirts for warm days.
  3. Medium weight wool, pile, polypro or other sweaters.
  4. Insulated parka or pile jacket, big enough to go over shirt and sweater like hooded jackets keep head and neck warmer.
  5. Long trousers for warmth and/or sun protection.
  6. Shorts for warm days.
  7. Cap with visor or wide brim hat for sun protection.
  8. Ski cap or similar for warmth.
  9. Mitten or gloves for cold nights before retiring.
  10. Light boots for trek.
  11. Tennis or running shoes for camp.
  12. Appropriate socks polypro or wool is warm.
  13. Rain jacket or poncho; rain is possible during September and October.


  1. Sleeping gab, warm enough for a few degrees below freezing.
  2. Thermarest or equivalent sleeping pad.
  3. Day pack big enough for jacket, lunch, water bottle.
  4. Sunscreen, sunglasses, lip-cream with sun blocks.
  5. Personal first aid and toiletries.
  6. Toilet paper.
  7. Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb, headlamp.
  8. Light towel.
  9. Water bottle [optional].


  1. Band-Aids and plasters.
  2. Flexible adhesive tape for anti blister.
  3. Your favourite painkiller.
  4. Broad spectrum oral antibiotic to which you know you have no allergy.
  5. Antihistamine if you react to insect bites.
  6. Vitamin C and other vitamins to help ward off colds while trekking.
  7. Pepto-Bismol or similar for upset stomach or digestive disturbance.


  1. Camera
  2. Reading materials.
  3. Pocket knife or Leatherman tool.
  4. Playing cards or scrabble set.
  5. Special snacks you might like to munch on the trail.